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An Introduction To Dominoes


You probably played dominoes as a child, and most likely have a box of the little rectangular tiles hidden away somewhere in a closet or a drawer somewhere, ready for a rainy day or a lazy Sunday afternoon. But if you think dominoes are only for kids, you're wrong.

Like playing cards and dice, dominoes are very simple and basic gaming devices. But the games that you can play with dominoes are limited only by your imagination. There is a huge variety of domino games, ranging from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.

Dominoes are believed to have originated in China (see Domino History) in the 12th century, made their way to Europe in the 18th century, and are today popular around the world. They are played by all ages, all races, and all nationalities. Dominoes is considered to be the national game of many Latin American countries, and is a popular club game in Europe, and a hot party game in the United States.

The Most Popular Domino Games


If you're new to domino games, or just need a brush-up on the basics of domino gameplay, check out our Domino Basics - Getting Started With Dominoes page, which will help you learn about the dominoes themselves, as well as the fundamental knowledge and skills that are common to nearly all domino games.

Once you know the basics, you can start with simple games such as Block Dominoes or Draw Dominoes, and perhaps move on to interesting games like Chickenfoot and Matador.

The always-popular Five-Up and Muggins are a good introductions to point games, and Forty-Two, the "National Game of Texas", is a great domino game that plays much like a card game.

Mexican Train is a game that has taken North America by storm, proving to be a very popular party game, with its own themed dominoes, domino hubs, timers, and other accessories.

Domino News Headlines


New Dominoes World Record
According to the World Records Academy, students in the Cayman Islands have set a new world record: A total of 588 John Gray High School students played dominoes on the school campus – setting the new world record for most people playing dominoes simultaneously. The previous Guinness world record was 549, set in Venezuela two [...]
Friends Enjoy The Domino Effect
Regulars gather Monday through Saturday to play intense games of dominoes and rummy at Tampa's Centro's Cantina, where they chatter about life and politics, share a drink, sip Cuban coffee, smoke a cigar and reconnect to a social scene no longer commonplace in Tampa.
Play Mexican Train Dominoes Online
Mexican Train Dominoes has become a popular party game, and has spawned something of it’s own sub-culture within the domino family, inspiring clubs, tournaments, commercial games, and now an online version. Mexican Train Dominoes Online, from DillyDallyGames, is a well-done version of the game, in which you compete against three computer opponents in thirteen rounds [...]
World Domino Open Tournament 2008
A reports from the World Domino Open Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada: More than 100 of the best Domino players from across the Americas are in Las Vegas this weekend to battle it out at the Las Vegas Hilton. Between 120 and 150 participants are expected to compete for $50,000 in prizes. Domino players of [...]
How Well Does Dominoes Rate as a Strategy Game?
According to a post on (Top 20 Greatest Strategy Games), Dominoes is the 20th-best strategy game of all time: The game features bones (tiles) with a number of pips on them. Players match them up trying to empty their hands by matching one of the numbers with one of the free numbers on the [...] Home Page

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