Cyprus Domino Rules

How To Play Cyprus Dominoes

Number Of Players: 4 to 10
Domino Set Required: Double-Nine

Cyprus is related to Sebastopol, but uses a double-nine set of dominoes.


After shuffling the dominoes, each player draws tiles to make up their hand. The number of tiles drawn depends on the number of players:

The remainder of the tiles make up the boneyard (or "stock"), and are held in or reserve to be drawn upon at need.


Cyprus Dominoes

The player holding the double-nine places the first domino. If no one has the 9-9, all players draw a tile, until the 9-9 appears. Play proceeds to the left (clockwise). Each player adds a domino to an open end of the layout, if he can. The four edges of the double-nine, as well as the four diagonals, must be filled before any other tiles may be layed down. If a player cannot connect to the 9-9, he must draw a tile, then play it if possible, or pass if not.

Once the initial 9 tiles are set, play continues as in standard Block Dominoes, with like-numbered tiles connecting. Doubles are played inline.

A player that cannot make a move must draw a tile from the boneyard. He must play the drawn tile if he can, or pass if he cannot.

Ending A Hand

A hand ends either when a player plays all his tiles, or when a game is blocked, at which time the lightest hand wins total of his opponents points, minus any points in his own hand.

Winning A Game

A game is generally played to 60, 100, or whatever total is agree upon before the game begins.


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