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There are three basic types of domino games - block games, point games, and domino games based on card games.

Card domino games (or domino card games, if you prefer), use dominoes in the game, but rather than connecting tiles as in block and point games, the dominoes are used much as like playing cards, usually in trump and trick-taking games.

Many of the card domino games are actually based on card games, with the rules modified to account for the differences in number of suits and number of cards (tiles). Forty-Two, for example, if based on the card game of Auction Pitch. Many other card domino games, such as Bingo, Domino Cribbage, Domino Euchre, Domino Loo, and Domino Poker make their inspirations more obvious.

Using dominoes as playing cards became popular as a response to a prohibition on playing cards by some fundamentalist Christian denominations. Playing cards were considered sinful, but dominoes didn't carry this stigma, hence the conversion of many card games to dominoes.

Card Domino Games Include:

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