Bendomino: Dominoes With a Twist!

Posted September 4, 2007 @ 12:07 pm - Filed under: Domino Games

Bendomino: Dominoes With a Twist!Bendomino offers a new twist on the classic game of dominoes – literally!

Bendominoes play just like regular dominoes but their innovative, curved design gives players more control over the game. In this twisting game, a new bendomino in play needs to match by number to either end of the chain, but also has to fit! This adds an intriguing new element of strategy to a familiar game.

Each game of Bendominoes is unique, with a new pattern being created each time you play, with pieces twirling around the table.

Bendomino was created by Thierry Denoual and is published by Blue Orange Games. The Bendomino set includes 28 curved dominoes (a double-six set), and is intended for 2 to 4 players. Most standard domino games can be adapted for Bendominoes, once you account for the unusual shape of the tiles.

A Junior version of Bendomino is also available, which uses pictures instead of pips.

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