World Domino Open Tournament 2008

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A reports from the World Domino Open Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada:

More than 100 of the best Domino players from across the Americas are in Las Vegas this weekend to battle it out at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Between 120 and 150 participants are expected to compete for $50,000 in prizes.

Domino players of all ages have traveled from across the Americas – including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Panama – to vie for the title.

“We have around six or seven world champions of Dominos here in Vegas,” tournament organizer, Ricardo Arias, said.

The group of accomplished players includes the 2008 world championship winner, Julio Tronconi, and the 2007 World Domino Open victor, Thomas Ortiz.

Tronconi, who won his designation in May at the World Domino Championship in Orlando, came from Caracas, Venezuela, hoping to claim a second championship title. Meantime, Ortiz traveled from his home in Tijuana, Mexico to defend his title.

First place in both the Open’s individual and team divisions fetches $10,000. The prize purses shrink the further down from the finish you go, but a ninth place result is still given a cool $1000.

Not too bad for two days of playing Dominoes.

Read more from the Las Vegas Sun.

Arias believes Dominoes is the most popular game in the world – even more so than baseball, soccer or even football – because it is a game anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or physical ability. “It’s a table game that permits people to socialize and anyone in the world could play it,” he said.

How Well Does Dominoes Rate as a Strategy Game?

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According to a post on (Top 20 Greatest Strategy Games), Dominoes is the 20th-best strategy game of all time:

The game features bones (tiles) with a number of pips on them. Players match them up trying to empty their hands by matching one of the numbers with one of the free numbers on the table. Dominoes are also noted for being able to stand on end in long rows so that when one is knocked over they all fall in a row. A popular pasttime is lining up hundreds or thousands of dominoes to make designs when they fall.

OK …

Some domino games are purely mechanical, other can be quite strategic. Which dominoes game is the poster referring to? Doesn’t say.

The number one, most strategic game in the world, according to this list? Poker.

Uh, yeah.

What do you think? How should Dominoes rate in the pantheon of strategic games?

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