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Mah-JominoThis is not, strictly-speaking, a domino game, which is why I’m not going to list it on this site’s Dominoes Software section. But Mah-Jomino is certainly a game that may be of interest to domino fans, particularly those who also enjoy the game of Mah Jong Solitaire.

Mah-Jomino, as its name implies, is a mixture of dominoes and mah jong. Basically, it’s mah jong solitaire played with domino-like tiles rather than classic mah jong tiles. The object of the game is remove matching pairs of tiles from the layout, until the entire board is cleared.

What makes this game different than all the other mah jong solitaire games is not just the use of domino tiles, but the fact that a domino tile has two ends. This small change helps to make Mah-Jomino a truly unique game, and a rather interesting and enjoyable one as well. It’s worth checking out.

Gamezebo offers a list of Tips & Tricks for the game.

More information about Mah-Jomino
Download Mah-Jomino (16.13MB)

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