New York Dominoes on ESPN

Posted April 2, 2006 @ 8:04 pm - Filed under: Dominoes News

An article in the New York Times (After Luck With Poker, ESPN Bets on New York Dominoes) discusses ESPN’s coverage of dominoes. The network currently shows dominoes on its Spanish-language sports channel ESPN Deportes. Hoping it will be popular with English-speaking viewers, network officials plan to show similar programming on ESPN2 starting in June.

The ESPN sports network has declared dominoes the next big spectator sport and is promoting it as both a colorful cultural touchstone and a highly competitive game, complete with rankings, formal tournaments, celebrity events and sponsors.

“We think it will be the next cool thing,” said Lino Garcia, the general manager of ESPN Deportes. “We’re connecting with the best places dominoes is played, so naturally we’re going to start in uptown Manhattan and the Bronx, the places where it really happens.”

The remainder of the article discusses the local dominoes scene in New York: “New York’s neighborhoods are filled with characters who come together to play on Spanish Harlem sidewalks, Bronx parks and in basement and backroom clubs in Washington Heights.” An example is a dominoes club in the Bronx called Hijos y Amigos de Altamira.

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